Latitudes New World Convenience…………..Rio Rancho, NM

Local Marketplace / Convenience Store

Latitudes New World Convenience is a new generation of convenience store tailored to women and business professionals. The facility will blend a traditional local marketplace with a convenience center into a unique atmosphere providing local neighborhood amenities such as fresh produce and vegetables, beverages, snacks, food items, etc. as well as a full service world bistro providing rotisserie chicken, gourmet pizza and other quick grab items prepared and ready for take-out or to eat in for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The facility will host a full service package liquor license with the intent on tailoring to specialty and local wines as well as exotic beers from around the world. The walk-in beer cave is slated to stay at a set ice cold temperature.

The facilities lounge is designed as an informal meeting destination equipped with internet access and charging stations perfect for early morning meetings while grabbing a coffee or latte and a breakfast special. Flat screen televisions will broadcast the mornings news while business people begin their day at the local convenience locale. The outdoor patio will assist to extend this interactive space to the exterior to help draw an informal crowd in to enjoy an ice cream or baked pie after a bite at the world bistro.
Latitudes New World Convenience envisions a new age of local convenience store providing amenities important to the local neighborhood in which it serves while providing healthy food alternatives within a safe secure environment friendly to women and families.