7123 Prospect Place...………..Albuquerque, NM
Plastic Surgeon Office

Dr. Hudson Plastic Surgery is the rejuvenation of an existing building constructed in the 1970’s. The building had never undergone a substantial restoration, thus the dated facility was the perfect foundation for an thorough overhaul.

Our vision was to generate a modernistic, minimal highly efficient facility that embodies the Dr’s high caliber of professionalism and expertise. Like many building constructed in the 1970’s, the facility felt constricted due to poor lighting, low ceilings and small interior spaces. Working with a moderate budget, our challenge was to generate a highly efficient layout conforming to the Client’s functional needs while generating a creative revitalized office space.

Reconfiguring the front of the office relocating the reception and waiting areas utilizing an open layout. In order to generate larger more functional office and treatment rooms, interior partitions were minimally reconfigured. Creative and energetic interior lighting combined with smooth wall textures and light or bright colored walls assisted to enlighten the interior generating an openness not previously experienced within.

The neighborhood has undergone intensive renovation, thus it was important to update the exterior to match the modernistic design aesthetic. A flat seam metal wall panel fascia, cantilevered entry canopy and exterior site walls with metal infill combined with the buildings existing materialities generated a facade that blends into the updated contemporary styling of adjacent buildings.