Railyards Digital Editing Facility..............Santa Fe, NM
30,000 s.f. Post Editorial Facility

This dynamic state-of-the-art motion picture facility desires to generate an atmosphere where writers, directors and executives can collaborate, develop, film, and complete all aspects of feature film-making. The Masque facility will generate an inviting comfortable working environment encompassing a full range of services allowing film crews to interact throughout the campus in various venues. 

The master plan intent is to create a vibrant street-oriented, amenity based environment. Campus amenities will include: a full service  commissary, library, fitness center, pizarria, patron lounge, and exterior plazas provided to generate a fun and exciting environment to be enjoyed. An executive lounge will be provided where deals can be made and discussed over a beverage and cigar. A corner store will provide pharmaceuticals and basic amenities. Additional components will include mail services and print services to assist in encompassing a thorough facility housing all aspects required for motion picture.

Masque Studios will promote integrated, whole-building design practices assisting in the environmental challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a purposeful sustainable design & engineering process within New Mexico’s unique arid & semi-arid climate. Through collaboration and communication, the design teams intent is to maximize sustainability & Efficiency.

Target - LEED Platinum