Client Testimonials

As our volunteer La Puerta de los Ninos Parent Board of Directors began planning for the relocation of our preschool from its location of 40+ years, Devin Cannady attended one of the first meetings of the committee. When I first met Devin, I was impressed by his attention to detail, his willingness to share his knowledge, his focus on all safety aspects for the population we serve at La Puerta, and his desire to see our preschool continue. He answered endless questions with calm, organized facts. His wide expertise in regards to building projects worked side-by-side with his desire for our school to continue offering a safe learning environment as he and his team developed plans for the various locations in our search.

Cynthia J. Keithley I Executive Director I La Puerta de Los Ninos

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My project with Devin was a challenging one. We wanted to take an old, run-down, dilapidated medical office and turn it into something modern and exciting, with a European feel. Throughout the project Devin was professional in his handling of the contract and the work. His ideas were original and always reflected our needs, so that at completion  the project was exactly what we wanted. He was able to interface well with the contractor and suppliers, and kept the project running on time. Today, I think our building stands as one of the finest office renovations in Albuquerque and we are very proud of it.  I  have received many compliments on the design and finish of the building. I wholeheartedly recommend Devin Cannady as an architect to anyone considering renovation or new building and I have every confidence that you will be pleased and proud with the result.

Patrick Hudson M.D. P.A. I Patrick Hudson Plastic Surgery

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When our church and school were faced with remodel needs, two sources recommended Devin Cannady as the best architect and contractor they knew.  Now that the job is complete, we are thrilled to say we agree.   The whole process was completed with full integrity and professionalism.  Devin’s knowledge of the city’s requirements was a great asset in getting us through a situation that could otherwise have been extremely stressful.
Being a nonprofit organization and faced with a project we were not planning to need, our budget was extremely tight.  We had a lot to do with a limited amount of space, time and money.  His firm offered us three creative design options for building within our space.
Devin is easy to communicate with and readily available for any situation along the way.  He did far more than the scope of his job required by spending a great deal of time attending planning meetings with our group, hearing the needs of our specific situation, networking with our property management for us, and extensively researching our options along the way.  When appropriate, he even recommended options that did not necessarily benefit him financially, simply because it was best for us, his customer.   For example, midway through the process, the city revised their expectations of our fire alarm system.  This added significant time and labor to the project.  Devin spent many evenings on the phone with me detailing the day’s work in order to minimize our cost and keep us on track with our schedule.  When dealing with a board-run organization, plus the city, plus all the subcontractors required for the project, the situation can become intense if extra costs or time are on the table.  Devin is a peacemaker, a problem solver, and he handled all aspects beautifully, miraculously managing to please us all.  The time frame worked, the cost was very close to the original estimate given prior to the fire alarm changes, and we are fully in code.  What could have been a complete road-block was hardly a tiny bump for us due to Devin’s considerate management of the situation.
It is evident to me that Devin believes in his work and cares about the process as much as the end result.  In the future, if a project arose that warranted an architect or contractor, I would not hesitate to call Devin again.  He has my full confidence from projects involving a small group of individuals to projects involving large bureaucracy. 

Holly Wu I Board President I Unity of Albuquerque I Director I Chinook Spirit Children’s Academy

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Devin was the right architect for my project.  I had ideas and criteria for the layout of my new business space.   We discussed my specific  requirements and he listened.  He put his heart and soul into this project, using  his professional experience, vision and  creative spirit  to design a work environment that fulfilled every aspect of my criteria.  The construction process can be stressful. Devin  was readily available throughout this process to address questions and  concerns.  He is awesome at mediating and facilitating communications among contractors, subcontractors and all entities involved in  the construction process.  It was truly  a pleasure to collaborate and work with Devin.

Dr. Patricia H. Peck, DDS I Owner I Healthy Smiles Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry

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We knew we selected the right Architectural firm when Cannady Architects were willing to listen to our vision instead of just designing a square box as their competitors kept trying to throw at us in the design competition.  The firm was willing to learn about our business and even doing reconnaissance of our competitors’ locations to determine strengths and weaknesses from a customer’s perspective. Devin and his team were well versed in money saving construction techniques but really came through with a cutting edge design that captures a customer’s attention from the street.  His design goes way beyond “curb appeal”, it is more like “WOW appeal”.

Ron Brown I CEO I Latitudes New World Convenience

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Devin is a great designer and illustrator. He is a pleasure to work with, always happy to work within our hectic schedules and produces work that fulfills all of our requirements in terms of information, with a great illustrative flair.

Patrisha Medrano I Owner I AMPM Salon

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We are so grateful we hired Cannady Architect Studio to help us with our zoning issues. They encouraged us when we were ready to give up and helped us work through and avoid a ridiculous list of requirements being requested by the Bernalillo County. We very much appreciate the work performed.

Ruth Mueller I Owner I Energetics Holistic Healing & Chiropractics

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Cannady Architect Studio under Devin’s leadership has proven to provide an exceptional service. Devin was very diligent in listening to and understanding my concerns and vision, then providing an excellent blend of his own creative ideas and helpful input. Devin was very thorough in the design phases assembling succinct construction documents that were approved with little to no comments through the permit approval review at the City. Furthermore, his leadership during the construction administration phases assisted in generating a high quality, finely polished finish product that I am very proud of. I would highly recommend Devin Cannady and Cannady Architect Studio for any project requiring a high level of attention and care of detail. Cannady Architect Studio provides an innovative and creative approach to solving design challenges and has proven to excel when given tight budgetary and time constraints on a project.

Dr. Ruben Ramirez I Owner I Ramirez Chiropractics

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Devin is a pleasure to work with. Not only does Devin have creative design ideas, he is very responsive to the Client’s desires. Our dental office has a crisp, modern look and a great workflow. Also, Devin doesn’t disappear after a project is completed. He is always available to answer questions or brainstorm to find a solution to an issue that arises. I will definitely work with Devin in the future.

Diane Hughes, DMD I Owner I Cabezon Orthodontists

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I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your services rendered to Academy of Trades and Technology. When we approached Cannady Architect Studio for Architectural Services we gave unrealistic deadlines that were able to met. ATT was were able to open our facility ensuring that our students had a place to call home. We appreciate your professionalism and look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate on future projects.

Al Martinez I Business Manager I Academy of Trades & Technology Charter School

Professional Affiliates Testimonials

I have found Cannady Architect Studio to be a highly professional and well organized firm. Devin has always been readily available to address any questions or concerns from the job-site, and his onsite expertise, detailed weekly progress reports, and well organized construction documents make Cannady Architect Studio stand out, in our experience, as one of Albuquerque’s elite architectural firms.

Damian J. Chimenti I President I Insight Construction

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Cannady Architects and my firm, Brycon, are just finishing up a project to deliver a new Client his first high end convenience store. I appreciate the extra effort that Cannady Architect Studio put into the upfront design development and the support provided throughout construction of the project. The Client is very happy with his new facility, Devin’s willingness to listen and work thru all the details and Owner requests played a big part in making the project a success. Cannady Architect Studio is a firm that knows the value of partnering to achieve a common goal.

Bill Lemon I President I Brycon Construction

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I have worked with Devin on several projects and have found him to be open to new ideas and products. Devin has proven time and time again that he is very hands on with all of the various aspects that come with construction projects.He has always been a professional in the handling of matters and is a pleasure to work with.

Bill Jolley I Principle I IW Incorporated